Tips for Packing Antiques and Valuables

When it comes to packing your more fragile belongings, you should begin well in advance of your moving date. It requires more attention, when organizing and deciding how to protect these items from damage. It is always good to prepare these items first to ensure their safety during your transition.

These items can range from fine art to unique furniture to more mundane dishes or a mirror. Whatever the item, belongings like this will all require extra care to secure correctly for the big move.

Here are some pointers to keep in mind when packing your antiques and other similar items.

Mirrors, art, and glass:

  • You’ll need to find large boxes for each item in this category that needs to be packed. Ideally, you want heavy cardboard so that your items are better protected. The greater the thickness, the better. If you can’t find any, you can buy boxes of all shapes and sizes, including two-piece boxes that converge on the item from either side for a more secure, and protective fit.
  • Glassine should be used to wrap all of your items. Glassine, like plastic wrap, repels water and provides a much more airtight seal than plastic wrap. Movers Atlanta can help you out in wrapping process.
  • Add another layer of bubble wrap to your glassine layer. This stuff acts as a soft cushion, protecting the item from any impact during the move. The more layers, the better.
  • If you believe an item requires additional protection, add more layers of paper or foam. If you want to add some extra cushion, throw in the towel or blanket for an extra soft layer of protection.
  • Put these items in the moving truck in a strategic order. Keep in mind the possibility of unavoidable bumps while driving, and consider this when deciding where to secure your belongings in the truck.

Use the services of professional movers Atlanta for precious art, glass, and valuables.

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  • Before packing, it is a good idea to note the condition of all of your fragile items. This will allow you to track all of your items from beginning to end and safely transport them.
  • Prepare your packaging. Packing tape, blankets, bubble wrap, and possibly some tools will be required for this step.

When lifting heavy furniture, make sure you have some assistance. When someone tries to lift too much weight on their own, most things go wrong during a move.

  • Disassembling your furniture ahead of time can significantly simplify this process in many cases. Organizing your packaging can help you save space in your truck and transport sensitive items more safely.
  • Wrap your antiques in multiple layers of bubble wrap and secure them with tape. Again, the more layers, the better; there is no such thing as too many.
  • Following the bubble wrap, add a layer of a blanket and secure with tape once more.
  • If possible, compartmentalizing these items in boxes or crates can prevent them from being hit or damaged by other things during a move.

It is sometimes a more difficult task than first appears. Many artworks and antiques are one-of-a-kind and fragile, so taking any risk with their transportation is not worth it. This is something that professional movers Atlanta can assist you with.

Moving other Items:

  • If you’re moving heavy antiques like furniture without the help of professional movers Atlanta, it’s time to enlist the help of friends and family. Never attempt to move large pieces on your own. You will increase the likelihood of damaging the item and of injuring yourself.
  • Consider packing your items in crates. If you cannot afford or locate the appropriate crates for your item, a cardboard box will suffice for extra protection. 
  • Crates are boxes that help absorb the shocks of bumpy roads. They will also protect them from damage if other objects fall on them. When packaging the item in question, be generous with bubble wrap and tape, and use packing blankets where necessary for added protection.

Make Use of Professional Movers Atlanta:
Hiring a moving company is the most convenient way to ensure that your fragile items arrive at your new home in one piece. These professional movers Gainesville know how to move your items safely and efficiently, giving you peace of mind that your move will be quick and straightforward.

Hiring a moving company can help relieve the stress and confusion of a significant transition for many people. A professional team can assist you in planning and organizing your move, taking care of the most challenging aspects of your big day. If you need commercial or residential movers services, movers Gainesville can help.

You may want to entrust your valuables to professional movers Gainesville for true peace of mind. Choose National movers. They are specialists in the removal and transportation of antiques and artwork. They will make sure that your items are handled with the utmost care.

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