Repair or Replace Your Garage Door?

Garage doors are a quintessential part of houses in suburban America, with them making up as much as 20% of a house’s faΓ§ade. Everyone uses their garage doors differently – some people use them exclusively to store their cars, some have converted the space into a workstation, and there are people that have neglected them.

And for those people that have neglected their garage doors comes the question – should you replace them or repair them?

Maybe you’ve not used your garage door in ages and have decided it’s nigh time to get it up to standard. Maybe you recently bought a new house in the suburbs and aren’t happy with the garage door’s condition. Either way, upgrading it isn’t an easy task but is essential.

We’ve prepared an article that touches on the pros and cons of replacing or repairing to help you make a conclusive decision.

When to Repair, And Not Replace

You don’t always need to replace your garage door to make it look good and be functional. Depending on the damage and lack of maintenance, repairing it might save you a lot of money. Additionally, repairing it offers a specific level of convenience, as the process takes much less time and can often be done in a single day.

When repairing your garage door, you also guarantee that it will still fit your house’s design aesthetics. Once you’re done repairing and refurbishing it, it might look the same way as it always had before being neglected.

It’s important to remember that if you decide to repair your garage door, you should do so with the help of a professional technician. It may be tempting to go out and buy some paint and tools and do it yourself, but this is risky, and you may end up with a mediocre result.

YourHomeFix’s contractors offer free inspections with which they can determine the condition of your garage door and give you feedback and suggestions on the further course of action.

When to Replace, And Not Repair

Sometimes your garage door might be too far gone and not worth repairing. Whenever that happens, you shouldn’t let yourself be too attached to it, and instead, you should start looking for a brand new one. There are several benefits to getting a new garage door when your old one is too broken down.
The first, and for some people the most important benefit, is that it’s an investment for the long-term value of your home and its aesthetics. A new garage door goes a long way toward boosting your curb appeal.

Another benefit is the fact that a new garage door comes with way fewer maintenance needs. Although annual maintenance is essential, you won’t need to worry about it outside of that timeframe.
The third benefit is that you can save money by getting a new garage door. The newest ones have the latest insulation technology, meaning that you can save a ton of money from energy and heating bills.

So, What Should You Do?

For many homeowners making the decision of whether they should replace or repair their garage door is nearly impossible. It’s a huge decision that can impact your finances, security, and aesthetics.
Many people think that replacing or repairing their garage door will cost a small fortune. You might be surprised, but it can often be an affordable undertaking. You could also end up losing money on utility bills if your garage door is leaking conditioned air. Not to mention, it’s an investment for your home, as it will raise its market value.

Another thing to consider is your home’s security. Many people might not realize this, but garage doors are essential for safety. Many burglars attempt to break into a home precisely from there, and as such, you need to have a garage door that’s nearly impossible to open without the remote.

Last but not least, curb appeal is a real thing, and we’d all be lying if we say that we don’t care about how our house looks. Whether it’s refreshing your garage door to give it a clean look or buying a modern one, you want it to improve your house’s faΓ§ade.

Still Can’t Decide?

Still, struggling to decide whether to repair or replace? YourHomeFix’s contractors are experts in home remodeling, renovation, and replacements. You can use the platform to get in touch with a professional that can come to your address for a free inspection and give you feedback on how to proceed.

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