Top 25 Gorgeous Green Flowers – Updated January 2023

Have you ever wanted to grow some green flowers, but you weren’t sure which ones would look the most beautiful? There are many different kinds of flowers that have green petals, but not all of them are able to flourish in every climate or location. In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of our favorite green-colored flowers that do well in gardens and can be planted in nearly any environment.

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1. Bells of Ireland

Green Flowers

Green Flowers that have the shape of a cup bloom in clusters along a single stalk. They provide a new dimension to bouquets and arrangements, and look excellent both fresh and after they have been dried. Bells of Ireland are equally stunning when preserved in dried or cut flower arrangements.

2. Calla Lily

Green Flowers

Calla lilies, a symbol of elegance, bloom white. Some are black. Green Calla Lilies exist, like other rare colors. Calla lilies are actually jack-in-the-pulpits. These plants grow from rhizomes, not stems. They’re popular in bridal bouquets and as cut flowers. Calla lilies bloom in June and July. Light, wet soil is ideal. They tolerate indirect sunshine well. Bring calla lilies indoors before the first frost and give them ample of light.

3. Hellebores

Green Flowers
Photo: Gardeningknowhow

The Helleborus is a perennial plant that is protected by leathery leaves. The Helleborus has petals that resemble stamens and are grouped in a ring. They bloom for a prolonged period of time, anywhere from six to eight weeks, and are available in a wide range of colors, from white to purple.

4. Green Rose

Green Flowers
Photo: Fineartamerica

The ‘Green Rose,’ also referred to as rosa Chinensis viridiflora, is a hybrid rose that has been the subject of debate due to the absence of classic rose petals in its appearance. Simply due to the fact that it is so unique, many people are curious about this plant.

5. Carnation

Green Flowers
Photo: Cascade Floral Wholesale

Carnations are held in very high regard by a large number of individuals. Their ruffled green petals are among the most beautiful of the many different colors that they have available. This perennial plant may grow to a height of six inches or more, although this varies from variety to variety. They make a beautiful addition to any arrangement, and Mother’s Day is a popular occasion for giving them.

6. Mediterranean Spurge

Green Flowers
Photo: Succulent City

This low-maintenance evergreen shrub needs very little attention because it can tolerate dry circumstances and is, as a result, somewhat resistant to drought. In comparison to the bright neon color of the upper flower clusters, the lower leaves have a darker shade of green.

7. Chrysanthemum

Green Flowers
Photo: Garden Tag

Chrysanthemums, which are more commonly referred to by their common name “Mums,” are an essential component of every autumn garden. There are literally hundreds of different varieties, each of which has its own combination of features, such as height, color, blossom size, and the length of time it is in bloom.

8. Cockscomb

Green Flowers

Green cockscomb has the appearance of coral that can be found in the water and has the color of a bright chartreuse, and just a little bit of it may go a long way. The unique appearance of these green flowers guarantees that they will draw attention wherever they are placed, be it in a garden or a vase.

9. Cymbidium Orchid

Green Flowers
Photo: Flower Moxie

The vivid color palette and extended bloom time of cymbidium orchids contribute to the plant’s widespread popularity. They bloom in the wintertime and can have fifteen or more flowers on a single stalk. Their flowering season is in the winter.

10. Daylily

Green Flowers
Photo: Breck’s

Daylilies are exceptionally simple to cultivate and propagate, despite the fact that they give the impression of being delicate. Their trumpet-shaped blooms sit atop long stalks that are otherwise bare of leaves. Because there are potentially tens of thousands of unique hybrids, the colors of these plants can range from one extreme to the next.

11. Zinnia

Photo: Gardeners World

A zinnia is a type of flower that has a bright blossom head that sits atop an elongated stem that is rather thin. They have the potential to grow to a height of three feet and bloom once every year. This beautiful green bloom requires very little work to cultivate. Take off the spent flowers and add a little bit of a basic fertilizer to stimulate fresh flower growth.

12. Dahlia

Photo: Kitchen Garden Seed

Dahlias are the true goddesses of the garden, and they are available in a kaleidoscope of colors, including this gorgeous variation that is lime green. The most spectacular green flowers bloom between the middle of summer and the end of fall, and their diameters can range anywhere from a few inches to as much as a dinner plate.

13. Flowering Tobacco

Photo: Eden Brothers

The framework for the delicate blooms that appear at the top of the green stalks is provided by green stalks that are both leafy and sturdy. Small, delicate blossoms of a variety of colors, such as chartreuse, in this case, might be deceptively lovely, but if consumed, they can be lethal. Keep the children and the dogs away from here!

14. Gerbera Daisy

Photo: Sam’s Club

These green flowers are a popular option due to the vibrant colors that they display. They may be stored for an extended period of time in water and bring a great deal of happiness to a garden.

15. Gladiolus

Photo: Eden Brothers

This perennial plant is well-liked because it produces spectacular blooms. Gladiolus, which can grow up to six feet tall and come in a rainbow of colors, is a popular choice for floral arrangements. You can save yourself a lot of work by digging up your flowers now, before the first frost, and keeping them in storage throughout winter. Make sure they don’t become too cold.

16. Hydrangea

Photo: Bloom By The Box

Is there anything that can compare to the ethereal beauty of a hydrangea hedge when it is in full bloom? Their classic pom-pom flower pattern is a safe bet that won’t ever go out of style. Even while a bouquet of beautiful green flowers is the most satisfying way to enjoy them, a single stem will not fail to satisfy your expectations. The hydrangea variety is known as ‘Little Lime,’ which may be seen here, pairs nicely with the more conventional blue and white varieties.

17. Dianthus


Bright and colorful annuals and dianthus are related to carnations and share their hardiness and resilience. It is common for them to be pink, purple, or white in color, and they emit a strong odor. Put Dianthus somewhere that it will be exposed to sunshine for at least six hours each day. In addition, they have to be fertilized once every six to eight weeks.

18. Lady’s Mantle


The stems of the low-growing border plant known as “Lady’s Mantle” are ornamented with clusters of tiny blooms that are yellowish-green in color. It goes well with many different kinds of other garden plants and appears to be at its most attractive when several of the plants are growing together to make a dense mass.

19. Ranunculus


As a result of its rose-like structure, ranunculus is extremely appealing for use as cut flowers. The green kind that is seen here has an appearance not unlike that of celery, which makes it suitable for an unstructured and unplanned environment.

20. Hypericum Berries


The plant that grows to a height of one to three feet and is commonly referred to as St. John’s Wort is called hypericum. The leaves are enormous and round, and there are flower clusters all over the plant. The Hypericum berry, in both its green and its red variants, is commonly utilized in the creation of flower arrangements.

21. Gerbera Daisy 

Photo: Allaboutgardening

One of the brightest and most upbeat blooms is the gerbera daisy. Their tiny black or green flowers are nestled in a spherical core, surrounded by ray-like petals. Not only will they perk up any part of the garden you plant them in, but they also make for lovely bouquets.

22. Jack-in-the-Pulpit 

Photo: Britannica

Jack-in-the-flowers pulpit’s are interesting. Blooms are a spadix inside a hooded spathe. This plant’s blossoms border the spadix. Despite its questionable origins, jack-in-the-pulpit is a beautiful ornamental plant.

23. Tulip


Tulips, with their brilliant hues, are a popular flower. Yes, green tulips exist. This tulip’s tenderness stands out. Valuing them requires little mental effort. Tulips are hardy plants that bloom best when planted in the fall.

24. Hydrangea Annabelle


These wonderful blossoms will add to the allure of your garden and make it look even more beautiful. Although the blooms of the hydrangea plant are rather small, the plant’s heads can grow to be fairly large. This is one of the best options available for flowers with a green coloration.

25. Angelica


This flowering plant, which is technically classified as a biennial herb, is more commonly referred to as “wild celery.” Tea can be made from the aromatic roots and stalks of this plant, or it can be used in salads.

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