This is the Best Solutions For a Garage Door Lockout

On the other hand, a thief is aware of how simple it is to break into a garage. A burglar can quickly and easily open an automatic door with nothing more than a wire hanger. The garage door locksmith Stone Mountain will keep your tools, equipment, and other valuables safe.

When it comes to home security, garage doors are a weak spot

Since garage break-ins can lead to your home, it is critical to take preventative measures to secure your garage. Sadly, most homeowners don’t give much thought to their garage doors when it comes to security.

Burglars can quickly gain access to your home by removing the weather stripping around the door and using a straightened wire hanger to pull the emergency release. Cars parked outside the house are frequently targeted by criminals who break into them and use the automatic door opener to gain entry.

A simple way to secure your garage used to be challenging to come by until recently locksmith Suwanee can help you.

The Manual Release can be used instead

Automatic garage door openers are standard in most newer garages. These garage door openers have manual release cords that the homeowner can pull to free the door and allow it to operate freely. Press the top center of the garage door and look for a hinged lever to use the manual release. It may be attached to a cord or rope. Using thin, hooked objects, or unfurled coat hangers, homeowners can reach through the space above the door, hook a hinge, and pull a manual release. As of this writing, the garage door can be opened and closed manually.

At this point, security-conscious homeowners may have realized the dangers of manually releasing the device. To prevent burglars and other intruders from gaining access to their garage, they may want to consider locking the manual release. However, it is essential to keep in mind that closing the manual release will also complicate unlocking the device in the event of another lockout or else you can take help from locksmith Stone Mountain.

Access by the Side Door

First, make sure that the side door to your garage is locked before you enter. If it isn’t, that’s fantastic. Does a keyed knob only secure the door? If so, try the credit card method to gain entry.

To avoid damaging the plastic, homeowners should only use inactive credit cards. Just work your way up or down until you get to the latch after selecting a promising card. Push the door to separate the latch from the strike plate by using the card as a source of leverage and exerting force. You can get help from locksmith Suwanee.

Garage door lockout

It’s time to get creative.

In some cases, garage doors are equipped with padlocks and hasps. Outside of the garage, it’s common for the lock to be visible. A homeowner may be able to shim a cheap lock purchased at a big-box store to gain access to the garage. Locksmith Suwanee will help you.

Get your hands dirty by making your padlock shanks first. You can learn the basics of picking locks by watching an instructional video because every padlock is slightly different; getting the dimensions right may take time and trial and error.

It is possible for homemakers to successfully make two shims, insert one of them around the outside of the padlock’s U-bend, and insert it into the gap between the lock and its shackle. Insert the second shim into the other end of the rod. Make sure that both of its U-bend ends are facing the inside of the shackle. Locksmith Stone Mountain is there to help you.


You should be able to open your garage door using the advice provided above. If you’ve exhausted all the tips and tricks and still can’t get the garage door to open, you can call Top Atlanta Locksmith.

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