Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Plumbing Maintenance Tips For The Savvy Homeowner

Are your drains got blocked again? You are tired of big plumber bills. Are the services well? Sometimes it’s our carelessness also. When we consult a doctor, he gives us some medicines and does our treatment. 

Besides it, some of our responsibilities also like what to eat, what not to eat, taking proper sleep etc. Then only we can recover. Same as in the plumbing services. In this article, we will study some tips that can help you solve most of the problems. If you are looking for a plumber Gilbert and plumber Avondale, then continue reading the post.

Plumbing Maintenance Tips For The Savvy Homeowner

โ—      Know your water main

The primary water source is the first point of water coming to your home. It is usually found in basements near the water heater. 

Also, A closed hole can be found on the primary water source. When you close this hole, it will completely stop the flow of water to your home. Sometimes, if you have to do a severe plumbing project or a leakage or a pipe burst, the first step is turning off the primary water source.

โ—      Learn to deal with blocked drains

You have to face blocked drains sometimes. While taking a shower, our hair falls out, and it gets accumulated over time. When you have a block, your first disposition may be to use one of those liquid drain cleaners. That was a big mistake.

That’s true; liquid drain cleaners should be avoided. We understand that this looks like a straightforward solution but is a frustrating issue. But the chemicals in Liquid Plumber and other similar products can damage your plumbing system. 

If your sink or tub continues to back up, invest in a drain snake or similar device that can clear all garbage from your pipes. If you are looking for a plumber Gilbert and plumber Avondale check out the link mentioned.

โ—      Keep taps on pressure.

It’s a vital part of a well-functioning plumbing system. You should check your home water pressure as many times as possible, just like you should check your blood pressure every time you go to the doctor. A simple pressure check can be found for a reasonable price at any hardware or plumbing store.

Suppose you want a more accurate solution to install an innovative home water monitor system. You can monitor your water pressure in real-time, detect leaks and thus track your water usage every time.

โ—      Keep toilet clean

Ensure you only flush toilet paper and your waste into the toilet to not get it blocked. Cotton tissues, baby wipes, paper towels and other items can block your pipes and cause clogs. Next time when you go to market, pick up the plunger if you haven’t already. You should also check whether your toilet is in good condition or not. 

A running toilet indicates that one or more toilet tank components need to be replaced as soon as possible. But toilet leaks can be so small that they are more going to be noticed. You can check for these hidden leaks by applying food coloring to the toilet tank. After half an hour, check the water level in the toilet bowl. If you see color after some time, then you leak.

โ—      Maintain garbage disposal

Garbage disposal is a great option to have, but they cannot handle everything. Throwing fat garbage, oil and grease in the drain should be stopped anyhow. When they cool, they freeze and cause blocks in your pipes.


Although after taking plumbing services, our responsibility is to maintain our home and to keep it healthy and clean. If you are searching for plumber Gilbert and Avondale, kindly contact Rooter Hero Plumbing Of Mesa (Phoenix) for the best services.

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