20 Beautiful Accent Wall Ideas for 2023

Do you quake in fear at the prospect of painting your entire house a vibrant colour? What are your thoughts on the concept of using wild wallpaper? Does it make you feel like you’re in a box? The employment of the inconspicuous accent wall as a tool to change this is now possible. That is to say, you are free to experiment with the wall’s colour, material, and pattern without having a significant impact on the room’s architecture.

Simply painting one accent wall in a room can completely transform the ambiance of the entire house. In spite of the fact that it may appear as though it would throw off the balance of your environment, the reality is that all it does is provide a sense of depth, mystery, and flare.

The following is a selection of beautiful accent walls that have been deemed acceptable for use in residential interior design by professional interior designers. After examining them, you can come to the conclusion that each area need at least one accent wall.

1. Indulge Your Imagination With Some Paint

Colour Accent Wall
Photo: Pinterest

Anyone, regardless of their artistic skill, is capable of painting a lovely accent wall for their home. You may try painting one or more of the walls a different colour to create an eye-catching accent wall.

2. Decorate using Drapes and Color

Decorate Accent Wall using Drapes and Color
Photo: International decor

The interior designer of this house decided to highlight the high ceilings and soften the area by painting one wall a vivid green and then covering it with drapes. This was done to highlight the high ceilings and to soften the area. In addition to this, it makes an amazing backdrop for a table that is decked out with flowers, books, and other valued possessions.

3. Shiplap Accent Wall

Shiplap Accent Wall
Photo: The Spruce

The use of shiplap in the mudroom is a fantastic illustration of how quickly and significantly altering the texture of a room can have a significant impact on the aesthetic of the space as a whole. Shiplap, in Emery’s opinion, retains its allure through time and is classic. Combine shiplap boards that are horizontal with those that are vertical so that the overall appearance is consistent.

3. Take Advantage of the Exposed Brick Style

Exposed Brick Style Accent Wall
Photo: Crafty Little Gnome

The exposed brick wall in a home or apartment is quite popular because it can be renovated in a short amount of time and at a low cost, resulting in a new and contemporary appearance. If you like an industrial look for your home, an exposed brick wall is a fantastic solution to consider. If your home does not already have brick walls that are exposed, you can use brick veneers to “create the look” of exposed brick walls, or you can engage a builder to add an actual brick wall.

5. Experiment with a Padded Wall

Padded Accent Wall
Photo: Ubuy India

A wonderful approach to increase the acoustics in a room is to add some upholstery to a wall in order to make the surface more absorbent. A calming fabric by Lee Jofa was utilised by Denise McGaha, an interior designer from Dallas, to cover an entire wall in the master bedroom of the homeowner’s getaway.

6. Try out new wallpaper designs

Wallpaper Accent Wall
Photo: wallmantra.com

You despise painting, but you just can’t resist the allure of a beautiful mural, pattern, or art piece on an accent wall? Wallpapering one or more accent walls is a quick and easy solution, and there is an almost infinite variety of patterns from which to choose. This approach is versatile enough to be utilised in any setting, be it a dining area, bedroom, home office, living room, or some other room in the house.

7. Wooden Walls

Wooden Wall
Photo: Decoist

Shiplap’s textural counterpart, wood panelling, is another alternative for texturizing accent walls. It is particularly well suited for use in bedrooms and other rooms where a simpler and more understated aesthetic is required.

8. Construct a Picture Wall

Picture Wall Ideas
Photo: Pinterest

You might have a lot of excellent artwork or cherished family portraits, but none of them are substantial enough in terms of their physical proportions or striking enough in terms of the subject matter to occupy an entire wall. Gallery walls are ideal for this purpose; all that is required is to select one wall and decorate it with a range of wall art that is of varying sizes.

9. Experiment with Tiles

Tiles Wall
Photo: lovePROPERTY

With the help of tiles, the backsplashes in both your kitchen and bathroom may be transformed into beautiful focal points for the room. There is a lot of room for artistic expression in terms of colour and texture in the tile that you choose for your shower.

10. Use Brick that has been Painted White

White Brick Accent Wall
Photo: Home Design Lover

When painted white, exposed brick walls can be used as a neutral accent wall, achieving the right mix between a contemporary aesthetic and a more casual, lived-in feel.

11. Use Art Wall

Art Wall
Photo: Driven by Decor

You don’t want to make any alterations to the wall itself, do you? Choose a large piece of artwork that can be seen from a distance and yet attracts people’s attention. This easy method will create a significant impact on a wall without requiring the additional time and work that would be required to apply more intricate accent wall designs.

12. Stripes of Paint

Paint Stripes Accent Wall
Photo: HGTV

Simply using two different colours of paint, some painter’s tape, and a brush are all you need to create an accent wall with stripes. Because the stripes will not be overly overpowering, this minimalistic approach on art is ideal for a mudroom or home office because these spaces lend themselves well to the style.

13. Totally One-of-a-Kind Shelving Wall

Unique Shelving Wall
Photo: Decorated Life

For a number of different reasons, installing shelving is an excellent method to spruce up the appearance of a wall. To begin, the shelving units themselves have the potential to provide aesthetic interest to a space by bringing brand new levels of depth and geometry into it. Second, the books, photos, and other keepsakes that you showcase on your shelves can also serve as art for your walls.

14. Install Photo Wall Paper

Photo Gallery Wall
Photo: Photojaanic

Do you often daydream about staying in a hotel with a broad window that frames a stunning view? Photographic wall covers are a wonderful alternative to consider. Accent walls are an excellent way to integrate elements of the outside into the interior of your home.

15. Use Cozy Stone Wall

Stone Accent Wall Ideas
Photo: Homedit

Stone is an excellent material to use when designing the look and atmosphere of a rustic house. By utilizing a number of different types of grey stones, interior designer Cathy Chapman was able to give this master bedroom an atmosphere that is at once earthy and modern.

16. Emphasis on the Roof’s Crown

Ceiling Wall Ideas
Photo: Worst Room

If you would prefer keep the walls a neutral shade, the ceiling is a wonderful spot to add a dash of colour or pattern to the space. The ceiling of this Houston terrace, which was designed by Celerie Kemble and Lindsey Herod, was painted a light baby blue to reflect light and make the area feel more open.

17. Use Connected Squares Design

Square Wall Ideas
Photo: Contemporist

Build a piece of contemporary furniture with a geometric pattern by affixing squares of wood to each other and sandwiching a thin plank of wood in the middle. Only three pieces of wood of varied lengths are required for this project. If you make enough, the appearance of your wall will be the same as the one pictured above.

18. Use Curtain Wall

Curtain Wall
Photo: These Four Walls

For a more dramatic effect, try putting floor-to-ceiling drapes as an alternative to painting or wallpapering the walls. This white drapery works well with the rest of the walls in the room, and the textured fabric creates an attractive point of interest.

19. Use Mirrors Wall

Mirrors Wall
Photo: Homebnc

You may use anything for an accent wall. Mirrored walls transform any space, but they’re especially effective in smaller ones. Mirror panels are cheaper than individual mirrors. These tiny panels can mimic mirrors on the wall. They come in several sizes, shapes, and styles for accent walls.

20. Make Creative Wall with Geometric Shapes

Geometric Shapes Accent Wall Ideas
Photo: Wall Star Graphics

It is not necessary to paint each of the four corners in order to observe the effect. The golden hue that is on the other walls helps to unify the space, while the white wall that has simple geomatric shapes on it acts as a highlight that contrasts with the rest of the room.

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