You'll Never Believe What This Unassuming Flower Can Do

By: Linda Phillips

It's possible that Lily of the Valley is like a girlfriendβ€”a sweet little flowerβ€”but her partner won't cheat on you.

It's amazing how powerful this little beauty is.

Without a doubt, those pretty white flowers that look like bells and hang from stems that arch are a lovely addition to spring bouquets and fields.

And yes, their toy is both cute and peaceful.

It's dangerous to get too close to the treat, and if you eat any part of it, you could really get into trouble.

Lily of the valley has cardiac glycosides and other acute components in every part of it, including the stem, the flowers, and those cute little red jammins.

A very fast heart rate, stomach cramps, diarrhea, and vomiting can all be caused by even small amounts.

In the worst situations, pain, red blood cell damage, or even death can happen.

So, even though these pretty flowers look like they're not dangerous, they need the greatest care and respect.

Consider yourselves warned - this unassuming garden beauty has a very dark, dangerous side

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