How did lily of the valley come to be famous?

By: Β Manoj Prasad

There are several reasons why this pretty spring flower is well-known. To begin, let us talk about how beautiful it looks.

The white bell-shaped flowers on thin stems are very pretty.

And we can't forget about that wonderful smell! Lily of the valley has a beautiful, sweet flowery smell.

This flower is pretty, but it's more than that. For many hundreds of years, it has stood for innocence and modesty, and in flower language, it means joy and happiness.

That's why it's great for weddings! Just picture how beautiful this would be in a bridal bouquet.

But lily of the valley is very dangerous if you eat any part of it, even though it might not look like a big deal.

So, as much as you want to enjoy those pretty flowers, it's probably best to stay away from them.

There's no doubt that the lily of the valley is a perfect spring symbol, whether you like what it stands for, how nice it smells, or how pretty it is.

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