You might not know this interesting fact about Lily of the Valley

By: Linda Phillips

Lily of the Valley flowers have small bell-shaped blooms that might look like any other pretty yard flower at first glance.

A strange fact about this plant is that it has been greatly revered across cultures and centuries as a powerful sign of humility, purity, and rebirth.

In Greek mythology, Lily of the Valley grew from Hera's milk. She was the queen of the gods.

People believed it would bring peace and happiness back to homes and families.

For the French, it was a sign of the important coming of spring after the dark winter months.

In Christianity, Lily of the Valley is linked to the tears of the Virgin Mary.

In Scandinavia, however, the flowers are said to have gotten their sweet smell from the tears of a milkmaid who cried because she had upset an old bishop.

It doesn't matter where Lily of the Valley comes from; what makes it magical is how its simple but enchanting beauty makes you feel each spring.

The unique and holy status of this flower is quickly apparent from a single whiff of its enticing scent.

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