Best way to care for Lily of the Valley

Written By

Linda Phillips

The soft white bells and sweet smell of the lily of the valley make it a popular yard plant.

These pretty flowers may look like they need a lot of care, but they're actually very easy to take care of if you follow a few simple steps.

First, pick a spot to plant that is in the shade or some shade. Lily of the Valley does best in organically rich, moist soil that drains well.

When the top inch of earth gets dry during the growing season, water it. A bed of mulch two inches thick helps keep water in.

Let the plant's leaves stay until they die back all the way in the fall after the flowers have bloomed.

This gives the pips new energy for the next round of growth. Before the new shoots come up in the spring, gently remove any dead leaves.

Lily of the Valley slowly spreads through buried pips. Every three to four years in the fall, divide plants that are getting too crowded.

With a little care, these lovely spring flowers will grow and bloom year after year, filling your yard with their sweet smell.

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