This is the best way to care your rose plant

Linda Phillips

Roses are the most beautiful flower in the yard, but they need some tender loving care to stay healthy and bright.

Picking the right place to put a rose plant is very important. Roses do best in full sun for at least six hours a day.

Before planting, get the earth ready by mixing in compost or manure that is high in nutrients.

It's important to water roses regularly, especially if you just planted them. Try to keep the dirt moist all over, but not soaked.

During the hot summer months, roses do better when they get deep watered twice or three times a week.

Add 2 to 4 inches of mulch around the base to keep the soil wet.

Pruning plants helps them grow new leaves and flowers. In early spring, get rid of any canes that are dead or broken.

As the season goes on, cut off the spent flowers just above the first bud eye that faces outward.

Finally, use a special rose fertilizer to feed the plants when the buds start to swell in early spring and again after the first bloom cycle.

If you take good care of your rose plants, they will grow well and make you happy with their beautiful looks and smell.

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