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The History of Interior Design

Interior design is the art and science of aesthetically enhancing a room. This art and science dates as far back as the Stone Age and started with the Ancient Egyptians.

Stone Age

Although there is no real record of nomads actually decorating their huts, many scientists found drawings in their dwellings that could constitute dΓ©cor.

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptians used animal skins, painted urns,  vases, and sculptures to dΓ©cor their mud homes. They also filled their home with furnishings.

Ancient Greek 

Furnishings made of silver and ivory were often found in wealthier homes in Ancient Greek. Pillars, tapestries, gold, and bold, blue accents are commonly associated with this Santorini style.

Ancient Rome

Mostly decorated with murals and mosaics, Ancient Romans have a specific style that is highly sought after today.

Many people who choose to style a room with the Ancient Romans theme use columns, draped fabrics, mosaic backsplashes, elaborate murals, atriums, soft furniture with clawed feet, and marble finishes.

Renaissance Era 

The Renaissance style is characterized by its bold, bright colors, grand furniture, large paintings, marble floors, expensive fabrics like velvet, and a focus on realism.

If you’re looking to decorate and style a room based on the Renaissance, use marble sculptures, grand paintings with carved wood frames, detailed pastel frescoes, or elaborate murals with bold colors, heavy, rich-colored drapes, and other upholstery fabrics.


Dating back to the mid-1800s, this style is infamously known for its floral or patterned wallpapers, ornaments, heavy drapes, carpets, and fabrics.

The colors that were often associated with the Victorian style are rich and dark reds, greens, browns, and blues.


Influenced by Tuscany, Italy, this style is commonly known for its use of bricks and rustic flooring, ceiling beams, and antique furniture that gives off a calm and elegant ambiance. The Tuscan or Tuscany style dates back to the late 1800s.


This style is a take on Ancient Greeks and Ancient Rome styles combined and dates back to 1770 AD.

This style is characterized by metals and fabrics. The most commonly used metals were bronze and fabrics were silk, satin, and velvet. 


Influenced by Greece and other coastal European countries, this style is characterized by terracotta, Stucco walls, arched cabinetry, natural materials, and rich, earthy colors.

Hiring An Interior Designer 

If you’re looking to enhance your home, add value to your property, or just want something new, hire an interior designer.

Search for the most reputable interior designer in your area. For example, if you live in California, search β€œhire an interior designer in Santa Barbara”. When searching for an interior designer, be as specific as possible.

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