8 Best Laundromat in Houston – Updated January 2023

Are you searching for the best laundromat or laundry location in Houston or nearby locations? Based on the quality of both Self-service and drop-off services, we have listed these 8 laundromat or laundry centers in Houston for you.

1. Express Laundry Center Washateria & Laundromat

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Express Laundry Center Washateria & Laundromat Houston

Express Laundry Centre Washateria and Laundromat is designated as a FiveStar Laundry standard by Coin Laundry Association as it provides customer-focused, professional, progressive and problem-free services. Their completely coinless laundromats feature machines equipped with the latest technology, making the washing and drying time shorter, a maximum of 1 hour to be precise. 

Their drop-off service is very convenient as you need only 2 minutes to drop off and 2 minutes to pick up with a turnaround time of 24-48 hours. And you only need to pay a small additional fee to rush your order. This process includes pre-spotting of stains, colour sorting, washing, drying, folding and packaging. 

They strive to make your laundry enjoyable by providing space for working, eating, visiting, along with free WiFi, TVs, vending machines and friendly on-duty attendants for your help. 

Website: http://expresslaundrytx.com

Address: 3345 FM 1960, Houston, TX 77014 (Get Location)

Phone: 832-286-1584

Working Hours: Mon – Sun (7 am – 10 pm)


2. Soap Suds Coin Laundry

Overall Rating: 4.5/5


They offer both self-serve and drop-off laundry services to visiting customers. Their friendly and knowledgeable laundry attendants always assist self-service customers and customers utilizing quality drop-off laundry service. These attendants give instructions on various laundry products to self-service customers while handling, treating and laundering clothes. 

The laundry attendants are highly trained and experienced in treating stains, odours, colour protection while preserving fabric conditions in clothes and beddings. They guarantee 100% customer satisfaction by recleaning your item at no additional cost. You can avail of their free pickup and delivery service upon fulfilling certain conditions at only $1.60lb.

This laundry strives to make the laundry experience comfortable for its self-serving customers by providing plenty of seating space, complimentary coffee and free WiFi.

Website: Not Available

Address: 4211 N Main St, Houston, TX 77009 (Get Location)

Phone: 713-869-7627

Working Hours: Mon – Sun (7 am – 10 pm)


3. 24 Hour Laundry

Overall Rating: 4.3/5


It is a 24/7 open laundromat that offers an array of laundromat services, including self Service, residential laundry drop off, and scheduled home or business laundry pickup-drop. They also provide commercial laundry services to corporates, offices, businesses, hotels and schools.

Larger laundromat washing and drying machines are available for quicker clothes loading that help customers get a self-service wash and fold in the most cost-efficient manner. You can also dry clean your delicate fabrics with their dry cleaning services. You can also schedule their pickup and delivery services online.

The 24-hour clean washateria is equipped with automated washers and dryer machines of different sizes to accommodate any size of cloths. With sufficient seats, kid’s room, WiFi, vending machines, TVs, this place provides one of the best customer lounges.

Website: https://laundromathoustontx.com

Address: 7133 Chimney Rock Rd, Houston, TX 77081 (Get Location)

Phone: 713-660-9577

Working Hours: 24 Hour

Services: Laundry Pickup, Laundry Delivery, Door To Door Laundry, Hotel Laundry, Business Laundry, Commercial Laundry, Corporate Laundry, Corporate Laundromat


4. Huebsch Laundry

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Huebsch Laundry
Source: speedqueenlaundry.com

Huebsch is known as the leading commercial laundry equipment manufacturer. They manufacture commercial washers and tumble dryers that are durable using steel frames and reliable inverter drive. The long-lastingness of laundry equipment as well as high efficiency helps maximize revenue and minimize costs for laundromats. 

Apart from manufacturing high-quality equipment, they offer premium quality laundry services to their customers. Known for a prompt response and proactive communication by their knowledgeable distributors and service professionals, you can get help in every area of your business, including Huebsch Financial, laundry design, genuine parts.

They are offering 0% financing for 6 months and 0% down for upgradation or replacement. There is also a limited-time offer for new stores subject to formal credit approval and credit scores. 

Website: https://stores.speedqueenlaundry.com

Address: 900 S Wayside Dr, Houston, TX 77023 (Get Location)

Phone: 832-831-3656

Working Hours: 24 Hours

Facilities: One-Dry Guarantee, Large Washers, Free WiFi, Helpful Attendants, Laundry Products


5. Griggs Washateria

Overall Rating: 4.5/5


Griggs washateria houses 51 washers of varied sizes like 20lb, 30lb, 40lb and 60lb required for different amounts and sizes of clothes, including comforters and beddings. The efficient extraction of water by these washers makes the washing possible within 25 minutes. 

There are 56 dryers, among which 8 are of 50lb size, and the rest are 30lb. These efficient hot dryers do not take more than 20-24 minutes for complete drying.

Apart from self-service, Full-service washes and fold services are also available for on-the-go customers. 

The washateria is fully covered with security cameras. There is ample space with adequate seating arrangements for visiting customers. With free WiFi, you can use the time between washing and drying for work or entertainment. There is also a separate restroom, vending machines, TVs available there. 

Website: Not Available

Address: 4702 Griggs Rd, Houston, TX 77021 (Get Direction)

Phone: 281-845-2189

Working Hours: Mon – Sun (7 am – 9 pm)


6. Truxillo Washateria

Overall Rating: 4.3/5

Truxillo Washateria | Best Laundromat in Houston

Truxillo Washateria is equipped with a variety of machines to fit double load to jumbo loads quite comfortably. Their commercial front-load washers provide fast high-quality cleanliness to your clothes, and the very hot dryers make your clothes dry in no time. 

Their coin-operated washers and dryers are available in sizes of 20,40, and 50 pounds. You can do all types of laundry with heavy soil and delicate formulas. Their variable temperature dryers are suitable for all kinds of fabrics. 

They also have amenities on their premises like parking, vending machines, WiFi, laundry supplies, change machines, safe and secure folding stations. This washateria is open 7 days per week with 24/7 security cameras installed. 

Website: http://truxillowashateria.com

Address: 3007 Truxillo St, Houston, TX 77006 (Get Location)

Phone: 713-533-0355

Working Hours: Mon – Sun (6 am – 12 am)


  • Coin Operated
  • High efficiency washers in 20, 40, 50 pound sizes
  • Heavy soil and delicate formulas for all types of laundry
  • Variable temperature Dryers
  • 2  change machines accepts $1, $5, $10 & 20’s
  • Laundry vending supplies
  • Vending snacks & drinks
  • Folding Stations Safe & secure
  • 24×7 high definition security cameras
  • Open 7 days per week



  • 50lb front load washers: $5.50
  • 40lb front load washers $4.25
  • 20lb front load washers: $2.25


30lb tumble dryers: $0.25/7 min


  • Tide washing detergent: $1.00
  • Bounce dryer sheets: $1.00


7. Splash Washateria & Dry Cleaner

Overall Rating: 4.7/5


They offer self-service, full-service laundry that includes wash and fold and commercial laundry with a pickup and delivery facility. You can also avail of dry cleaning and minor alteration services from them. 

Online reviews provide excellent customer service through nice and friendly attendants and offer a clean and well-lit environment. They explain everything to customers, from operating machines to which one is best suited for heavy loads. 

The washeteria space has every amenity needed for a comfortable experience. These amenities include free and fast WiFi, a play zone for kids, large restrooms, vending machines, AC and heat, cleaning products, HD TVs and a big lounge area.

Website: Not Available

Address: 5702 Chimney Rock Rd, Houston, TX 77081 (Get Location)

Phone: 832-831-5919

Working Hours: Mon – Sun (6 am – 12 am)


8. Speed Queen Laundry

Overall Rating: 4.3/5


This is another great laundromat location in Houston city. Speed Queen is the most reliable brand of laundry products in the market, both for homes and businesses. They manufacture washers and dryers of every kind like front load, top load, stacked. 

Their washers and dryers can take care of the laundry needs for every lifestyle. They are experts in fabric care, and their laundry solution for pet owners is one of the most reliable. 

The customer support provided through services, parts finding, stain removal guide is very helpful for both homes and businesses. 

Speed Queen is offering replacement promotion and new store promotion with on-premises laundry finance. Till 9/30/2021, they are offering 0% APR for 6 months and $0 down

Website: https://speedqueenlaundry.com

Address: 6604 W Bellfort Ave, Houston, TX 77035 (Get Location)

Phone:  832-834-5689

Working Hours: 24 Hours

Services: One-Dry Guarantee, Large Washers, Free WiFi, Helpful Attendants, Laundry Products


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