Which is better: a wooden spoon or a steel spoon? ย 

Written By

Manoj Prasad

Whether you choose steel or wooden spoons depends on how you like to cook and what you need.

Wooden spoons are natural and eco-friendly, and they add a special touch of charm and warmth to your kitchen.

They are soft on nonstick pans and won't scratch or damage delicate surfaces.ย 

They are also great for mixing and stirring delicate ingredients.ย 

But wooden spoons may need to be replaced more often because they can pick up tastes and smells over time.

Steel spoons, on the other hand, are very strong, last a long time, and are easy to clean.

You can cook with them over high heat, stir thick soups, and scrape the bottom of pans without worrying about breaking them.ย 

Also, steel spoons are great for precise jobs like leveling off dry ingredients or making batters smooth.

But they might feel colder to the touch than wooden spoons and can scratch non-stick surfaces.

In conclusion, many chefs and home cooks utilize both wooden and steel spoons because each has its own perks and is superior at particular cooking methods. ย 

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