How much should a swivel chair cost at most?

By: Manoj Prasad

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Most people should spend $500 on a comfortable large swivel accent chair.

Because you can get high-quality materials, solid construction, and a nice design for $500, a regular swivel accent chair is usually not worth it.

The price of a swivel accent chair made of luxurious leather or imported wood can reach $800, but anything above that is only because of the brand, not because it's better.

Consumers should avoid buying pivot accent chairs over $1,000 for their homes because they are usually used for commercial or specialty purposes.

Aesthetics matter, but a swivel chair is too practical to spend a lot of money on designer labels or trendy styles.

Instead of flashy designs, consumers should consider ergonomic support, sturdy construction, and a smooth swivel mechanism when choosing the best value.

Real brands make great oversized swivel chairs for $300 to $600, so don't break the bank.

The range of $500 to $800, depending on materials and features, will get you a good swivel accent chair without breaking the bank.