What is a garden patio?

By: Linda Phillips

A garden patio is a cool outdoor place that is usually connected to a garden or other landscaped area.

It basically adds on to your living space, giving you a unique spot to hang out, eat, and have fun outside.

Patios in gardens are usually made of concrete, stone, brick, or tile, which makes them strong enough for people and their furniture.

They can be any size or shape, from small areas for sitting to big areas for parties.

Patios in gardens often have built-in planters, water features, or places to sit that match the rest of the yard.

To get out of the sun, you can add shade structures to your patio, such as pergolas or umbrellas.

Putting up path lights or string lights on your patio can really make it feel better at night and make it a better place to hang out.

Many things can be done on a backyard patio, like eating outside, gardening, reading, or just taking a walk in the fresh air.

They help an outdoor living area look good and work well, making the transition between indoor and outdoor places smooth.

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