Is vinegar effective for killing weeds?

By: Manoj Prasad

A common household item, vinegar has become famous as a natural way to kill weeds.

Because it contains acetic acid, it can successfully dry out and kill unwanted plants. But not every vinegar is as strong as the others.

The best vinegar for getting rid of weeds is horticultural vinegar, which has about 20% acetic acid.

When vinegar is put on plant leaves directly, the acidic qualities kill the plant cells by drying them out.

This method works best on weeds that are young, growing quickly, and have soft leaves.

Weeds that are older and have stronger stems and roots may need more than one application or a higher vinegar content.

Vinegar is an eco-friendly option to synthetic herbicides, but it doesn't pick and choose which plants to kill.

To avoid damage, it's important to use the product correctly and handle it carefully.

Also, vinegar may or may not work based on things like the type of soil, the weather, and the type of weed.

Horticultural vinegar works best when used on a sunny day, making sure to cover all of the weed leaves.

Weeds that are hard to get rid of or have deep roots may need to be treated more than once.

Vinegar is a good natural way to get rid of weeds in fields, on paths, and in other outdoor areas.

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