8 Tips for Creating an Outdoor Space You Won’t Want to Leave

1. Choose the right location

Consider the sun exposure, wind, and privacy when choosing a spot for your outdoor space.

2. Add comfortable seating

A few comfortable chairs or a hammock will make your outdoor space inviting.

3. Include a table

A table is perfect for dining, playing games, or working on a laptop.

4. Add Some Greenery

Plants add color and life to any outdoor space.

5. Create a Focal Point

A fire pit, fountain, or sculpture can make your outdoor space more interesting.

6. Include Some Lighting

Lighting will make your outdoor space usable even after dark.

3. Make it Functional

Think about what you want to use your outdoor space for, and make sure it's equipped for that purpose.

8. Personalize it

Make your outside space seem like home with personal touches. String lights and hanging plants are examples.