10 Shade-Loving Vegetables You Can Grow with Ease

A lush green that needs just moderate shade to flourish, making it ideal for shaded areas of the garden.

1. Spinach

A resilient and healthy vegetable that thrives in partial shade and yields plenty of leaves for salads and cooking.

2. Kale

These fast-growing, shade-tolerant root vegetables are great for their peppery crunch and may be used in a variety of recipes.

3. Radishes

A vibrant green that thrives in shady conditions and provides edible stems and sensitive leaves.

4. Swiss Chard

A refreshing salad green that thrives in chilly climates and gets by with less sunshine.

5. Arugula

Greens for salads, including the loose-leaf forms of lettuce, may be grown effectively in shady areas.

6. Lettuce

While it does best in full sun, broccoli may still produce respectable heads in partial shade.


These root vegetables may grow in partial shade and provide not only edible roots but also healthy leafy greens.

8. Beets

Carrots like bright sunlight but may still be grown in shady spots, but with diminished yields.

9. Carrots

Cauliflower, like broccoli, is a good choice for shade-friendly veggies since it can still grow into respectable heads even when exposed to some shade.

10. Cauliflower