Freelance Lifestyle Writer

Michael is a lifestyle writer who works on a freelance basis. His areas of expertise include real estate, home decor, do it yourself projects, and travel. His work has been published in a wide variety of magazines and websites, such as,,, and Canadian Florist Magazine, amongst others. He enjoys hunting for antiques and loves to decorate her old house with the treasures that he unearths on her travels.


Linda Phillips

Digital Garden Editor

With a degree in horticulture and more than three decades of experience in the field, Linda Phillips is the digital garden editor at She has been working as a journalist and editor for almost two decades.


John Jackson

General Contractor

John is a licensed general contractor specializing in kitchen, bath remodels, and general construction with 5 years of professional experience.


Richard Epstein

Master Plumber

Richard Epstein has over 30 years of experience as a registered master plumber and specializes in the estimating, design, and engineering of plumbing systems. Additionally, he has extensive experience in the plumbing industry.

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