15 Coffee Table with Storage: Keep Your Living Room Clutter-Free in Style

With the ability to serve as both a coffee table and extra storage, a coffee table with drawers is a very utilitarian piece of furniture. It helps you maintain a neat and tidy living space by concealing a hidden storage space beneath its removable top or one of its many drawers. Books, periodicals, remote controls, and other ephemera of varying sizes can all find a home in the storage area.

What Factors Should You Consider When Buying Coffee Table with Storage

Any living area can benefit from the inclusion of a coffee table with storage, as it serves as a place to set down drinks and decorative items, and as a place to stow away items that don’t need to be out in the open all the time. The variety of types and designs available, however, can make it hard to settle on a single option. When shopping for a coffee table with storage, keep these things in mind:

Size and Shape

Coffee tables with storage are a great option, but before you buy one, you should think about its dimensions and shape. Pick a size and form that work well together and are appropriate for the scale of your living room. Select a smaller coffee table with storage or look into a nesting coffee table set that can be compactly stowed when not in use.

Storage Capacity

Storage space is a crucial feature, so think about that as well. Storage in coffee tables can range from a single huge drawer to a number of smaller ones. Pick a table with adequate storage space based on the objects you intend to store.


Wood, metal, glass, and plastic are just few of the many materials that may be used to make coffee tables with storage. Since each material has its own individual qualities, you can pick the one that works best with your preferences and the design of your home. A coffee table made of wood with drawers would be more classic and conventional, while one made of metal and glass would be more contemporary and sleek.


Lift-top designs are available on several storage-equipped coffee tables, providing an extra surface area for dining or working. Some may have a tray top for added style, while others have wheels or casters for portability. Think about which options might serve your purposes best.


Think about how much you’re willing to spend on a storage-equipped coffee table. Though it’s tempting to go with the least expensive choice, keep in mind that it may not stand the test of time or serve your needs the best. But don’t go crazy on a storage coffee table if you don’t plan on using all of its capabilities.

1. Seventable Lift Top Coffee Table

Seventable Lift Top Coffee Table
Photo: Amazon.com

The Seventable Lift Top Coffee Table is a particular model that has a length of 47.2 inches and has two storage drawers in addition to a hidden compartment, which provides additional storage space for items such as books, magazines, or remote controls.

The length of the Seventable Lift Top Coffee Table is 47.2 inches. This design provides for more convenience and adaptability in the living room as well as any other location in which it is utilized.

2. Homfa Coffee Table for Living Room

Homfa Coffee Table for Living Room
Photo: Walmart.com

The Homfa storage coffee table exemplifies the mid-century modern style with its warm natural wood tones and fashionable vintage elements, giving your living area an air of vintage rejuvenation. The concealed cabinet has two drawers and a spacious shelf arrangement, making it ideal for stowing a wide range of objects. There’s no fruit it can’t accommodate, nor can it store books, magazines, tea sets, flowers, computers, remote controls, and more.

It can be used for a wide variety of purposes. This coffee table’s versatile aesthetic is a result of its sophisticated simplicity. The living room, dining room, bedroom, office, reception area, etc., are all suitable locations for this coffee centre table.

3. WLIVE Round Coffee Table with with 2-Tier Storage Shelf

WLIVE Round Coffee Table with with 2-Tier Storage Shelf
Photo: Amazon.com

Cups, books, tissues, toys, and more may all find a home on the wood coffee table’s two open shelves. There’s plenty of room for all of your necessities on the 32-inch deaktop. Stability and longevity for years of usage are ensured by the high quality and wear-resistant wooden particle board. The round coffee table can support up to 130 lbs thanks to its hefty metal table legs.

The tea table has four feet that can be adjusted to increase its stability and protect your flooring from scratches. The table’s feet are adjustable, so you may set it on uneven terrain without worrying about it toppling over.

4. Casart Coffee Table with Hidden Storage Compartment

Casart Coffee Table with Hidden Storage Compartment
Photo: Amazon.com

This coffee table may be turned into a writing desk by lifting the tabletop. The built-in lift mechanism allows steady, quiet lifting, making your daily life easier. The open shelf beneath the table makes access easy and displays your items well. The compartment under the tables will also organize and store your belongings. The raise tabletop makes this coffee table handy for writing or eating while lounging on the sofa.

It’s perfect for eating, living, workplace, reception, etc. Modern contemporary style will give elegance to your area, while the simple design accommodates diverse decorative types. Its utility and beauty will enhance your room. Premium material and sturdy construction make the table strong and durable for life. The delicate, smooth covering makes cleaning easier.

5. High Gloss Coffee Table LED Coffee Centre Table with Storage

High Gloss Coffee Table LED Coffee Centre Table with Storage
Photo: Walmart.com

Add a touch of style to your living area with this retro-style drawer coffee table. LED lighting available in 16 different tones to suit any space. This coffee table can support up to 200 pounds of weight thanks to its sturdy MDF construction and four metal legs. The table’s high-gloss finish makes it both aesthetically pleasing and functional, as it can be quickly wiped down and kept looking like new.

Simple pull-out design makes inserting and removing items a breeze. Plus, you’ll have plenty of room in the four drawers to keep your smaller belongings neat and easy to access. The table is perfect for setting up a coffee or tea service, or for showing off photo frames and plant pots.

6. Franceschino Coffee Table

Franceschino Coffee Table
Photo: Wayfair

This multifunctional white coffee table offers stylish storage to your living room. It’s engineered wood with Art Deco-inspired Chinese knots on either side. The lowest shelf holds detritus or drinks for entertaining. Small objects fit in the two drawers, clearing your tabletop. This White Rectangle Coffee Table has a huge smooth surface, two deep drawers, and a bottom shelf for storage.

The Coffee Bar Table works in the living room, lounge, playroom, and more! High-quality rubber solid wood makes this coffee table for living room sturdy. This simple square coffee table with one shelf and two drawers makes it easier to reach your everyday requirements, keeping your home tidy and clutter-free.

7. Audelia Coffee Table

Audelia Coffee Table
Photo: Wayfair

This beautiful coffee table would be a wonderful addition to your living space. Its uncluttered appearance and straightforward construction make it an easy-to-match style that can bring greater focus to the area in your living room. It has a broad and level top surface on which you may set your beverages, such as coffee, tea, or cocktails. Additionally, the shelf with the open bottom provides additional storage for magazines, books, or other goods that may be kept in the living room, thereby reducing the amount of clutter in the space.

8. Basilico Coffee Table with Storage

Basilico Coffee Table with Storage
Photo: Wayfair

Your living room will have a more traditional look and feel with the addition of this coffee table, which features neutral tones. It has a finish that is not particularly noticeable, and it is constructed out of engineered wood. Additionally, it has four legs that are tapered. This coffee table has a square form that is streamlined, allowing it to mix in with practically any sitting arrangement in the living room.

Place a vase of flowers and a tray of warm beverages on the surface of the coffee table, and stack coffee table books on the lower exposed shelf of the coffee table. This piece, with its simple lines, is a perfect compliment to either traditional or contemporary decor.

9. Drum Storage Coffee Table

Drum Storage Coffee Table
Photo: Westelm

You can store a lot of stuff under a coffee table, and you can store a lot of stuff in a drum, so you have the best of both worlds with a drum storage coffee table. It has a removable top that exposes an inside storage area and is usually spherical or cylindrical in form. The drum-shaped coffee table with hidden storage is perfect for apartments with limited floor space or anyone who values cleanliness and order in their living area. A solid or glass top may be included in some designs, resting above the drum and serving as a flat surface for placing items on display or setting down a drink.

10. Burl Rotating Coffee Table with Hidden Storage

Burl Rotating Coffee Table with Hidden Storage
Photo: Cb2.com

The burl wood coffee table is the epitome of chic storage. This low-profile circular was designed by Felipe Hidalgo for Ellenberger Studio. It is clad in a luxurious layer of Italian mappa burl wood, which is distinguished by the high/low tonal contrast of its grain. One huge drawer that opens with a push-button provides an easy place to put away remote controls and other items that are frequently used in the living area. The round base of the swivel enables for seamless rotation in all 360 degrees. CB2 exclusive.

11. Mullins Coffee Table with Storage Space

Mullins Coffee Table with Storage Space
Photo: Jossandmain.com

With its comfy and laid-back aesthetic, this duvet cover set in three pieces allows you to boost the look of both your comforter and your room. It comes with a comforter and two shams that match, each of which is constructed entirely out of cotton. The square and dot elements, which offer that subtle burst of pattern without overwhelming the rest of your area, are two of our favourite aspects of this design.

The shade of grey works well with a wide number of colour palettes, and the button closures make it simple to attach the duvet of your choosing. The best part is that the entire set can be washed in the machine, making it very easy to maintain.

12. Lipscomb Makai Coffee Table with Storage

Lipscomb Makai Coffee Table with Storage
Photo: Wayfair.com

This square coffee table is a winner because to the winning combination of its one-of-a-kind appearance and practicality. You can use it as the centrepiece of your living room, but it also contains four hidden compartments where you can store a variety of things, from board games and throw blankets to magazines and various electronic devices. The top and the bottom both have matte finishes, although the top is more warm than the bottom.

Because there is no discernible hardware, the drawers can be hidden from view while yet offering a level surface on which to place trays with food and beverages for guests to enjoy. The black tile that has been positioned in the centre serves as an attention-grabbing focal point for the composition. We were searching for something sleek and modern, and the aesthetic of this coffee table fits the bill perfectly.

13. Bolanburg Coffee Table with Lift Top

Bolanburg Coffee Table with Lift Top
Photo: Ashleyfurniture.com

The Bolanburg lift top coffee table provides you with space to store, serve, and display your most treasured possessions. The textured antique white finish gives the item an aged two-tone appearance that will remain fashionable for many years to come. Featuring a two-tone antiqued finish and construction from veneers, solid wood, and engineered wood. a top that lifts up on springs and four drawers that glide smoothly casters for simple mobility, and the construction requirements are quite low.

14. Coffee Table with StorageΒ – Bing Cherry

Coffee Table with StorageΒ - Bing Cherry
Photo: Overstock.com

A wonderful method of recreating the ambience of a seaside resort in the comfort of your own home. Cottage and farmhouse decor will appreciate the unique X pattern details on the side panels and the genuine Washed Gray finish with Aged Bronze drawer knobs. The Coffee Table’s box drawer and lower cubby space on either side provide a convenient place to store and arrange books, magazines, and other reading materials as well as electronic devices and office supplies such as remote controls and pens and pencils.

On both the right and left, you’ll find large open cubbies, perfect for displaying items or storing extras. The manufacturer stands behind the quality, safety, and longevity of this Coffee Table with Drawers and Shelves by providing a 1 Year Warranty.

15. Giofanzo Round Drum Coffee Table Storage Ottoman

Giofanzo Round Drum Coffee Table Storage Ottoman
Photo: Amazon.com

You will have a clean and organized room thanks to the large storage space and the handy storage feature. Your home appears to have been designed with an exceptional level of taste as a result of the neatly aligned patterns that draw attention to the fine craftsmanship.

The top of the table has been given a distinctive grain pattern, which consists of the yearly grain running vertically and the machine grain running horizontally; it is both natural and lovely. When not in use, it is just as simple to pack up as it was to put together, and there is no need to use any special equipment.

Common FAQ’s

Q: What materials are coffee tables with storage typically made from?

A: Wood, metal, glass, and plastic are just few of the materials that can be used to make coffee tables with storage. Wood, engineered wood, metal bases topped with wood or glass, and plastic or resin creations are all viable alternatives.

Q: How do I clean and maintain my coffee table with storage?

A: The materials used to construct your storage coffee table will dictate how often and how thoroughly you will need to clean it. A glass or metal coffee table, for instance, might be easier to wipe down with a damp towel, whereas a wooden one with storage would need regular dusting and polishing. Make sure to refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for detailed maintenance advice.

Q: Can I use my coffee table with storage as a place to store books and other items?

A: Coffee tables with drawers are multipurpose pieces of furniture, perfect for stowing away newspapers, magazines, remote controls, and other small items.

Q: How much weight can a coffee table with storage hold?

A: A coffee table’s storage capacity is mostly determined by its design and the materials it’s made from. If you plan on storing large goods on the table, it’s a good idea to first verify the manufacturer’s recommendations for its weight capability.

Q: Are there any special features I should look for in a coffee table with storage?

A: Lift-top designs are available on several storage-equipped coffee tables, providing an extra surface area for dining or working. Some may have a tray top for added style, while others have wheels or casters for portability.

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